A Case Study on Cortorari Roma Marriages feat. O Tahtai - by Cristina Iliescu

This video-essay focuses on the marital practices and norms of Cortorari Roma communities as shown in Cătălina Tesăr’s and Dana Bunescu’s feature documentary film “O Tahtai'' (2022). It does so by constructing a dialogue-like dynamic between the main characters and touches their transformation (or lack thereof) throughout the film.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Wedding Toast or Film brides of Kusturica - by Irina Trocan

This video looks at weddings (and their central figure of the bride) in Kusturica films with a mix of admiration and skepticism, since their idealization of the young, beautiful woman as wife and future mother is not free from reactionary undertones.

Bridal Tiara: The Cycle of Life - by Irina Trocan

Watching Aleksandar Petrović's "It Rains on My Village" (1968) was an alternately brutal and bittersweet experience that keeps protagonists at arm's length in order to more faithfully depict life in the Yugoslav countryside. All the nuances are there, however, and this video essay attempts a closer look at the (non)couple's dynamics.

The Journey of a Bride: The Representation of the Wedding in Romanian Cinema - by Letiția Popa

 For this audiovisual essay we propose a ludic montage on the representation of wedding and ritual in Romanian cinema, by choosing films that depict different time frames throughout history.

Social Control in Romantic Love. Arranged Marriages vs True Love in Balkan Cinema. Part 2 - by Letiția Popa

With this audiovisual essay we propose an inclusive vision of the links between social control and “true” love in arranged marriages by relating the position of the woman in regards to the society she is coming from, and thus highlighting seen and unseen political and social constraints in regards to the positioning of the woman.

Social Control in Romantic Love. Arranged Marriages vs True Love in Balkan Cinema. Part 1 - by Letitia Popa

The following series of video-essays was the result of a research about the representation of marriages in Romanian and Balkan Cinema, made during the ECHO III: For Memory's Sake project.