About Us

Cristina Iliescu

Filmmaker, with her interests varying from video essay, non-narrative structures, experimental forms of cinema, poetry and video and photo journaling. She approaches themes such as the boundaries of femininity and body-dysmorphia.

A film studies undergraduate and documentary filmmaking graduate at UNATC Bucharest, she is now a PhD candidate, writing on the impact of internet culture on cinema. She has worked in various TV shows and commercial productions. She has participated in various workshops and her debut Short film won in the National Competition of BIEFF.

Anca Munteanu

Actress, playwright, educator, and co-founder of the non-hierarchical educational centre for children Flori, fete și băieți. She has a BA in Acting at UNATC Bucharest, a master’s degree in Acting and a second MA in Dramaturgical Writing at the same university. She is interested in political theatre and theatre as a tool to empower and raise awareness of the issues women deal with. She is a Macaz Political School alumni.

As a trainer and educator, she likes using elements of Forum Theatre, free-flow writing, Reggio Emilia and Montessori inspired activities. She coordinates the Ukrainian theatre group Djerelo, formed in April 2022.

Letiția Popa

An emerging film director based in Bucharest, Romania. She is an ALUMNI of National University of Theatre and Film I. L Caragiale, with a Bachelor's degree in Film and TV Directing, and a Master's in Documentary Directing. During 2020-2021, she participated in a one year exchange program in Belgium, at Kask and Conservatory / School of Arts Gent, studying Film.

Her work touches on topics such as the experience of womanhood, otherness, cultural identity, memory and the process of becoming. Both as a witness and a maker, she has been exploring these topics in fictional and non-fictional cinema, all through the ordinary of the small and intimate daily life experiences, by finding meaning and universality through subjectivity.

Her creative approach heavily relies on reflecting on and reassessing her position of power regarding questions of subjectivity that filmmaking entails.

Ruxandra Simion

Ruxandra Simion is a cultural worker. She graduated from University of Bucharest with a BA in Anthropology, and from the National University of Theatre and Film I.L. Caragiale, Bucharest with a master degree in dramaturgical writing. She staged the plays ”Fuckultate” and „Bani, succes și tancuri financiare”, she wrote opera librettos, created a dramaturgical game and worked at the script of a digital one, wrote and published performative texts, and facilitated theater workshops for teenagers and youngsters.

Ruxandra uses satire, musical theatre, and Theatre of the Oppressed to explore subjects such as climate change, work and robotization of work, mental health, and the critique of capitalism. As part of the RHEA group, she also works as project manager.